Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Life Imitates Satire: Chinese Real Estate Agency Wants to Sell Lunar Lots

A few days ago, I posted a satire about China and the moon. In it, I'd made a satirical comment about China developing the moon in real estate. Ha ha, right? It's just a joke, right?

Then today I came across this Reuters news story (via Fark). Apparently the Chinese government has shut down a company that was trying to sell property. . . on the moon. I am not kidding!

Here is the heart of the story:

A Chinese company is fighting for the right to pitch plots of land on the moon for sale after authorities shut the scheme down on charges of profiteering and lunacy. Beijing Lunar Village Aeronautics Science and Technology Co. has sued commercial authorities in China's capital for suspending its business license on October 28, just days after it opened, Xinhua news agency said Tuesday.

. . . The company, which calls itself the "Lunar Embassy to China," had sold 49 acres of lunar land to 34 Chinese clients within three days of opening on October 19, Xinhua previously reported, two days after two Chinese astronauts returned to Earth from the country's second manned space mission.

I don't know what to say! This is beyond satire. I am just. . . dumbfounded!


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