Friday, July 28, 2006

Disneyland Sues Denmark for Happiness Copyright Infringement

ANAHEIM, California -- (CNN -- Cinderella News Network) -- The Walt Disney Company has today officially filed a lawsuit against Denmark, alleging that the diminutive Scandinavian nation has infringed Disney copyrights.

A recent study by the University of Leicester in the UK rated Denmark the happiest place on earth. While this maybe true in terms of Danes' outlook on life, the term "happiest place on earth" is the easily recognizable tagline in advertisements for Disneyland--a fact reflected even in United States postage stamps.

Disney is suing to stop Denmark from using the term "happiest place on earth" in any advertisements. Danish officials have yet issued no comment, though a source told CNN, "I'm sure tourists will be happier in Denmark -- we won't charge you $50 to come into a silly amusement park and take photos of people dressed like giant mice and ducks. "

A Disney spokesmouse in a phone interview told CNN: "Disneyland will protect its hotly contested title of 'happiest place.' If we have to, we will air-drop all our attorneys and law clerks into Denmark. That should put an end to their happiness rating once and for all."


Blogger Don said...

No, the Danes don't charge you $50 to see Micky Mouse and Daffy Duck, but they do charge you $38.20 for admission to an amusement park made out of (get this) giant Lego blocks.

Methinks Walt Disney is the better value - unless you are in an intimate relationship with your Lego collection.

A bit further north there is Aarhus, which has a site both more affordable and less silly. They have an urban museaum designed to show old town buildings from all over Denmark. It's like all those farming museums you see - but urban. Quite wonderful.

Not only is it a lot cheaper but if you have a certain kind of imagination you can see old Geppetto sitting on one of the curbs talking with Pinnochio. Priceless. They have another museum south of town with Stone-Age artifacts from the tar pits of central Denmark - another don't miss. And Aarhus itself is a really nice port city, a great place to hang of a night or three.

One other Danish experience is walking down a perfectly couth & well groomed street and being transfixed by the sight of an fully erect male member in a shop window. A plastic copy alright - but fully anatomically correct as far as I could tell. The merchandise on display was not limited to that. Suffice it to say that it was possible to simulate er many things - with what was on display there. Ahem.

Even in Amsterdam they limit the view to certain places and don't reveal all - although it is live which makes a difference.

9:21 PM  

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