Thursday, July 06, 2006

United Nations Frustrated with North Korea's Tantrums, Calls Supernanny

NEW YORK CITY, NY -- (CNN -- Colic News Network) -- In the wake of North Korea's test-firing of seven missiles, the United Nations has been embroiled in discussions on how to deal with the rogue state. Analysts and pundits have widely speculated that the provocative act displays Kim Jong-Il's obsessive desire to gain attention.

A CNN source in the world body has now revealed that the UN, unable to reach consensus on drafting a resolution against Pyongyang, has decided to enlist outside assistance.

"Clearly, Security Council resolutions, strongly worded letters, and frowns and finger-shaking from Kofi Annan are useless against an egotistical attention hog like Kim," said the unnamed source. "Then I realized that Kim was behaving much like my 3-year-old child at home. He yells and screams and throws temper tantrums in order to get attention. Therefore, I have suggested a new tactic to my superiors at the UN, and they have decided to follow my recommendation."

CNN is able to confirm that the UN will call on the well-known televised British child expert, Jo Frost the Supernanny , to deal with Kim Jong-Il.

In a phone interview, Frost confirmed this new assignment and also stated, "I see we have a lot of work to do. I will have to train both Kim and the UN, since the UN has clearly failed in its role as parent and let the spoiled baby run wild without boundaries. This is the worst case of parental weakness I've seen in a long time."


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