Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Human Brain Cells Successfully Grown In Mice; Rodents Turn Into French Cheese Snobs

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- (CNN -- Cartoon News Network) -- Scientists have announced that they have successfully implanted human brain cells into mice. Of the laboratory mice, the most progress mentally have been made by a young female mouse nicknamed Mrs. Brisby and by a pair nicknamed Pinky and the Brain.

The other mice have demonstrated an unexpected change in behavior since the operation placed human cells into them. Instead of being content with the standard yellow American cheese, they now squeak with French accents and insist on only the finest imported Brie, Camembert de Normandie, and other French cheeses.

Head scientist Dr. Rocky Forte admitted that the experiment may have unforeseen side effects on the mice. "We are very pleased that the procedure was successful. Even so, we had no idea the mice would turn into cheese connoisseurs. I guess that's what happens if they become too smart: they become snobs too."


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