Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everybody Boycotts Everything; Feminists Demand Name Change to "Personcott"

HOLLYWOOD, California -- (CNN -- Copycat News Network) -- The latest, hottest trend in global affairs these days is officially the Boycott. The recent Arab boycotts of Danish goods following the cartoon controversy has brought the tactic of boycotting into the news spotlight, and now many others have embraced it for their own causes. Boycotting, in other words, is hot.

Within the last few days, the now-trendy tactic of boycotting has swept the globe. From angry movie fans threatening to boycott the next James Bond film to irate Catholics calling for a boycott of "South Park" in New Zealand, the world has jumped on the boycott bandwagon with gusto. Other recent examples -- among many -- include a proposed German boycott of an anti-American film and a suggested Arab boycott of the Knesset elections in Israel.

Social researchers say that boycotting, like most other trends, crazes, and fads, will soon fade into obscurity. Professor Ima Follower of Nerdville University, in her recent article on social patterns, said, "Boycotting is fashionable right now, but by next season it will be blase, passe, and 'sooooooo last season.' It will be duller and less exciting than last year's Valentino. I suggest that once the trend passes, participants will be embarrassed that they ever took part. Remember the Macarena dance craze from 10 years ago? Does anybody now ever admit to participating?"

Radical feminist groups, however, are unhappy with the boycotting trends and especially with the very term "boycott." They have recently issued a press release demanding that the name be changed to the non-gender-specific, politically correct "personcott."


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