Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Korean Scientists Successfully Clone Wolves, NC State University Sports Fans

RALEIGH, North Carolina and SEOUL, South Korea -- (CNN -- Canine News Network) -- After recently unveiling two cloned wolves, Korean scientists have shocked the world with a second announcement.

In a news conference today, head scientist Dr. Kim Chee announced that his team has also successfully cloned the Wolfpack.

"Since we had invested so much time, money, effort, and energy into cloning wolves, we decided to take the logical step and clone a group of wolves. I confess, though, that my English translation was flawed. I translated 'pack of wolves' as 'Wolfpack.' We were all surprised when the laboratory produced a crowd of howling North Carolina State University sports fans."

Dr. Chee added, "It is very exciting to achieve this milestone in genetic research. Still, I'm getting just a little tired of the clones running through my laboratories singing the NCSU fight song over and over and over."


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