Monday, December 17, 2007

Song "Let It Snow" Banned at Airports

CHICAGO, Illinois -- (CNN -- Concourse News Network) -- The popular Christmas season song "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" has temporarily been banned from major airports in the Midwest and East Coast of the United States.

The seasonal ditty written in 1945, usually popular during this time of year, is now persona non grata after massive snowstorms brought air travel to a grinding halt in many American cities. Heavy snowfall and icy conditions have shut down runways and delayed or canceled hundreds of flights, leaving tens of thousands of unhappy travelers stuck in airports nationwide. Problems have ranged from missed connections to being stranded overnight at various unfamiliar locations.

In an attempt to manage the problem, FAA officials have struck "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! let It Snow!" from the radio airwaves at major airports. FAA spokewoman Blanca Nieves spoke to CNN via telephone, since weather conditions prevented CNN correspondents from interviewing Ms. Nieves personally.

"As a preventative measure in the interest of public order and public safety, we have decided to stop playing this song," said Ms. Nieves. "The last thing that thousands of frustrated travelers need is a cheerful reminder of why they're stuck for hours in crowded airports. We don't want riots to break out. Also, since many people may miss the holiday because of canceled flights, we're also asking airports not to play the song 'I'll Be Home for Christmas.'"

(This report filed by email from CNN reporters whose flight was canceled and who are currently sitting on the floor in an undisclosed concourse of Chicago O'Hare airport.)