Friday, April 06, 2007

Dutch Tulip Growers to Replace Traditional Bulbs with Fluorescent Alternative

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- (CNN -- Crocus News Network) -- The EU's latest effort to combat carbon emissions has resulted in the capitulation of Dutch tulip growers.

The EU has recently decided to ban traditional incandescent light bulbs within two years, mandating that they be replaced with more energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. The move comes as part of Brussels' ongoing efforts to fight anthropogenic climate change by reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

Dutch flower producers are unhappy with the ban, but in a press conference at Keukenhof, their spokeswoman Iris LeFleur announced their capitulation to increasing pressure from Brussels.

"We concede that our traditional tulip bulbs do indeed consume large amounts of energy and that when they decompose, they emit carbon. Furthermore, the global trade in tulips and other flower bulbs leaves a large carbon footprint since the bulbs are bought and sold worldwide and require numerous long-haul airline flights for transport.

"We will now begin a phased transition to replace all our traditional bulbs with fluorescent ones by the target date set by Brussels."


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