Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mysterious Underground Tremors Halt Restoration of Saint Paul's Cathedral

LONDON, UK -- (CNN -- Cathedral News Network) -- The ongoing restoration of London's iconic Saint Paul's Cathedral has been brought to an unexpected halt.

The restoration team first noticed unusual tremors in the crypt on March 23. Since that time, the subterranean disturbances have increased in intensity and frequency. Today St. Paul's announced that the multi-million-pound restoration effort will be suspended indefinitely or until the tremors cease.

A team of earthquake specialists has been brought into the basement and crypt to investigate. Chief geologist Professor Terra Firma told CNN, "We haven't found any geological explanation for the ongoing disturbances. There is no fault line, sinkhole, or any other geological formation that can explain the tremors. I can now confidently conclude that the cause is Nelson revolving in his grave."


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