Sunday, March 12, 2006

France's de Villepin Writes Poetry Amid Student Protests

PARIS, France -- (DNN -- Derrida News Network) -- French prime minister Dominique de Villepin has just published his latest book of poetry, an 800-page work glorifying liberté, egalité, fraternité, escargots, and the superiority of French hairdressers.

At the gala champagne reception he hosted last night to celebrate the publication, Mr. de Villepin appeared unaware of the mass student protests currently sweeping Paris. Parisian police yesterday stormed the Sorbonne University, which was occupied by angry student protesters unhappy about de Villepin's proposed labor reforms.

When informed of the student uprising, de Villepin replied, "Oui? Zis student revolt, eet eez very . . . romantique, no? Zee barricades, zee youthful faces, zee smell of revolution against the ruling elite! Ah, eet eez like my own youth and zee days of 1968! Zee young idealists battling zee forces of zee police and zee cold uncaring establishment, how eet fires zee imagination! I must write more poésie on zis topic immediately. And shall we join zem, zese romantic protesters?"

When informed that he was himself the elite government official whom the students were denouncing, Mr. de Villepin expressed shock and surprise. So great was the shock that he even ran his hands despairingly through his hair, thus endangering both his manicure and his coiffure.

"My youth, my jeunesse, where 'as eet gone? Mon Dieu! . . . " Then the prime minister suddenly looked up. "Wait, wait! Quickly, give me pen and paper -- I shall write an impassioned poem about the agonie of age, the futility of life, the defeat of beauty by time!"

Student protest leaders remain angry, and it is not clear whether more demonstrations will take place.

Note: DNN's previous and related report, "France's de Villepin Denies that Riots Occurred or that His Poetry Sucks."


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