Friday, March 17, 2006

Minority Ova File Discrimination Lawsuit Against Egg Donation Seekers

NEW YORK CITY, New York -- (CNN -- Cuckoo News Network) -- Today in a groundbreaking case, a group of minority human ova filed a class-action lawsuit against organizations and individuals seeking egg donors. In recent years, the trend of infertile couples seeking egg donors has increased greatly. Some of the couples seeking donors have been specific as to the racial or ethnic background of prospective donors. The minority ova allege that this is racial discrimination.

In a press conference, the spokes-ovum, Petri Dysshe, announced the lawsuit and took questions from journalists as he/she floated in a glass test tube.

"We demand equal access to seekers of egg donation. Discrimination against fully developed humans on the basis of race or ethnicity has been declared wrong and immoral in civilized social circles. The bias against minority ova is a natural consequence of this. For instance, an Asian ovum may meet all the other specifications of an egg seeker's request: it has no history of genetic disorders, for instance, or it is produced by a woman with a record of high academic performance. But if the egg seekers desire a white ovum to produce a white baby to match the parents' racial background, they can summarily and arbitrarily reject this qualified ovum out of hand, simply because it is of a minority race. This is a gross injustice."

Mr./Miss Dysshe was then asked whether this lawsuit would cause controversy by implying that human tissue yet unborn are to be considered persons -- and therefore adding fuel to the already raging debate over abortion and stem cell research.

The spokes-ovum replied, "My fellow ova and I are proceeding with the lawsuit regardless of opposition. We are interested in the bedrock principle, the idea that racial discrimination is inherently evil and wrong. If anyone out there wishes to contest us, then he or she can kiss my butt -- once I'm joined with a sperm, then proceed through the stages of being a zygote, embryo, and fetus, and actually develop a real, physical butt, of course."


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